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My wife wants to fuck another woman

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Dear Alison and Tony: We have been married for a long time over 19 years and I thought our marriage was a happy one until last night, when my wife dropped a bomb on me. Out of the blue while we were having dinner, she told me that she wants to try something new. And what was it?

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Worse that that she named the woman, a friend of ours. How can I convince her that this is a very bad idea. There are two reasons why a married woman will seek the sexual companionship of another woman. The other reason is boredom. After being married for a long period of time she finds her marriage routine and the sex, predictable bordering on boring.

The major issue here is the other woman. How is she going to view the relationship? If it just a happy time and good mutual fun and sharing, then everyone can be friends. To attempt to do so will distance you even more and make her defensive, but you can, however, review your relationship and treat her better in areas where you have taken her for granted.

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Does she still want to have sex and be married to you? These are just the starter questions. We get a lot of questions from both men and women who either want approval to have sex with someone else with or without their partners, and both male and female.

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When sex is consensual, you are still risking your heart. Sex is addictive as Tony likes to say.

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If your wife decides that she must go through with this, trying to stop her will only make her more determined. By asking you for permission, she is asking you to legitimize the relationship. Even if she is still faithful to you, she is unhappy. People who cheat are often just looking to leave.

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Cheating by demanding your approval is no different. Wow I am going through the exact same thing right now with my wife.

We have only been together for 4 years married for 1 share 2 kids together and she feels the need to do this. My wife did the same. She wanted to have sex with her best friend since they were teens. She just found out that her friend is bi and my wife wanted to try it. However, she insisted that I take part so that it did not feel like cheating.

In our case, I knew her friend longer than my wife did and we have flirted with one another throughout the years.

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Well we had a threesome and it was so good that we kept at it for the next 30 years with our girlfriend having her own room in our home. It was the best thing that every happened to us.

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