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Peanut butter asshole

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Subreddit for the animated comedy series on Netflix.

Renewed for season 6. Comments must be spoiler tagged appropriately depending upon the context of the thread.

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For example, if someone asks "Is this show worth watching? Otherwise expect spoilers in the links or comments section of any submission. All submitted content should have a direct relationship to the show. Relating content through the title is insufficient grounds for relevancy. You can edit "Spoiler" to specify the type of spoiler it is. Put your spoilers inside the quotations.

Why is Mr PeanutButter such a terrible person? I have just binged up to Season 4 and was wondering why is Mr. PB such an asshole? He consistently lucks himself into every situation and gets out unscathed no Peanut butter asshole how many unethical things he does in the process. Then, he receives little to no comeuppance for his negative actions.

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His mayoral campaign and his stance on fracking lead to his house being destroyed, trapping a bunch of celebrities and getting a man's hands chopped off. But he can just shrug it off and get a new house so the house part clearly didn't bother him. However, his choices lead to the death of Zach Braff and the loss of the mayoral candidates hands. Then, his lack of originality. He doesn't have any original ideas. That's why he works well with Todd who has a bunch Peanut butter asshole original ideas with little-to-no thought.

How can someone be so oblivious to his lack of originality? Is there some backstory for Mr. PB that justifies his assholery and luck?

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I am not sure if I missed it coz I wasn't the most sober when I binged a part of the series. I wouldn't say he's a terrible person.


He's the definition of ignorance is bliss. Which is why portraying him as a dog was a good call.

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You could be a murderer, a rapist or just a plain old asshole, and your dog will love you just the same as long as you feed him and throw him Peanut butter asshole tennis ball. Dogs are happy in their ignorance of the world around them, and so is Mr.

He's not an asshole, he's just ignorant. He's pretty much just a Sitcom protagonist pulled from his tv show. He's blissful, goofy, and stuck in the past. He gets himself into Peanut butter asshole situations and gets out to get himself back to a status quo, like any sitcom protagonist does, so that the next episode doesn't have to deal with anything troublesome like cliffhangers.

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This is also why he reacts so strongly to inwardly negative things more than outwardly negative things - besides the fact that he's a dog. It's because emotional wounds are more tangible to him than physical ones, or the loss of anything tangible.

It's why when Captain Peanutbutter was said to have cancer, he was more devastated than ever before. He never gets any comeuppance or any lesson from his many failed attempts at business because he's used to his silly ideas flopping. He never wanted to be mayor, it was just another wacky thing he could do before everything returns to its status quo.

What PB is most scared of is change. That's the way his sitcom did it, and that's the way that would make things go back to the status quo as quickly as possible. I do like him sometimes and i do believe that ignorance is a big part of his charecter and thats why he is like this, but what bothers me the most is this hate that Diane gets. I am new to Reddit, so i've never seen it Peanut butter asshole this sub, but in pages about the show, from my country, on facebook, people act like she is such a horrible person, when all she does is make her feelings clear like about the Peanut butter asshole party or the Belle room.

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Honestly, this last season all Mr. Peanutbutter did was fuck everything up and people only talk about how she didn't appreciate the gift that she never asked for. I'm sorry for kind of changing the subject there, i just love Diane and think she is really underappreciated. I think he's supposed to be the human equivalent of a dog, even though he is a dog.

Just someone who chases one thing to the next out of instinct and not a lot of Peanut butter asshole. He loves the attention of others and others seem to love him because he's super friendly, but also doesn't provide much of anything to anyone. I think he's the best representation of the animal he is with the mental capacity of a human on the show.

But yeah, he's a dick but doesn't have the capacity to do any sort of self evaluation so he doesn't understand when he's a Peanut butter asshole.

He's just a dog being a dog.

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I think he is just the epitome of ignorant entitlement. He seems to truly never mean harm but that doesn't excuse him from being a huge jerk a lot of the time.

The one line that sums him up perfectly is when PC finds him hamming it up in Lady Footlocker and offers him the job on her and JD Salingers new show, he says: And if your dreams don't come true, you probably just didn't have the right attitude! Sometimes those kind of phrases make me want to chew my way through concrete sometimes. Like my former friends who all turned on me because they decided my grief was a huge drain on their Peanut butter asshole parties, tell me shit like "all the bad things that have happened to you are the result of your own bad attitude and you have no one to blame for your problems but yourself!

I was just like You need to understand that you're not the only one with problems! Our friend here, Farrah not her real name Peanut butter asshole cheated on two years ago and she can't get over him because she Peanut butter asshole stop sleeping with him! That's real problems that are not self inflicted like yours! I then realised having Peanut butter asshole friends at all is better then having friends like that.

I'm supremely lonely due to having only one or two friends that I don't get to see much, and my whole family being dead or estranged, but tbh I prefer being Peanut butter asshole on my own terms then waiting around for phones to never ring and invititations that never come and when they do come I am told to leave early so more exciting guests have somewhere to sleep.

Not bitter or anything. They're the kind of people who will cancel due to "a family emergency" but "family emergency" can mean anything from someone's aunt having a brain tumour to her forgetting to bring fresh rosemary to the sunday roast.

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