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Better or bitter

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Slowly, with some pain, I rolled over to turn off the clock radio alarm. Sure, not everything works as well as it used to, and there is pain now where there used to be none, but I remain thankful for each day I get on this wonderful plan-et.

I want to be-come an old man; I do NOT want to become a bitter old man and I fight this battle every single day. You get the picture. The good news, though, as my wife put it the other day, is that my frequent visits to the doctor have made me a better doctor.

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You occasionally even believe what they tell you. The patient has a disease that is slowly sucking the life out of him each night.

When we deal with the...

Is it medically necessary to treat? Of course it is! Drake, the insurance company has asked for more documentation before they will pay….

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But stay the course. Think of it all as a game.