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Matt lanter is bisexual

Nude 18+ Matt lanter is bisexual.

Timeless star Matt Lanter: My fluffy white maltipoo challenges my masculinity https: December 12th, I thought he bisexual.

Edited at Reply Parent Thread Link. I say that because I don't any bi men who says dumb shit like that. He does sound like he's projecting though.

He's in the glass closet,...

Was he the one with the cam pics of him standing pantsless next to a fan? No way he's bisexual. He and his wife are openly religious and about Jesus.

Matt lanter is bisexual. 47...

I'm editing to say that no way he'd admit to being bisexual. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link.

Sexual orientation has a lot...

I don't know how so many women put up with them long-term, I legit cannot anymore. Yea like, everyone thinks their s.

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Im hatin on them so hard right now. I'm so done with the potential alcoholic guy I'm dating and other dudes tried it with me. I'm also hating on my dude boss for giving me night shifts with inflexible schedule and I got no life cos of that.

I'm like 2 months in the city. Thats fucked up yo. I fucking hate men lmao, FUCK.

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