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Sex with multiple wives

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Sitting with a soiled singlet in front of his workshop in Agege area of Lagos, the man spotting a pot-belly, that many could easily conclude to be a beer gut, is far from being an epitome of masculinity. That description summed up many of the assumptions about polygamous men in Sex with multiple wives.

But at this point, his grin had metamorphosed into a grim expression that speaks of the turmoil that the man was battling with.

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He regarded our correspondent with suspicion and asked again why he was being interviewed about sex in polygamous marriage. But now, Bayeju no longer grinned.

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He shook his head as if in self-derision when he was asked to explain what polygamous men like him go through in fulfilling their sexual duties to their wives without making the women feel cheated. According to Bayeju, more than anything else, the issue of sex is a Sex with multiple wives of constant confrontation in marriages such as his.

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When women in polygamous marriages are jealous of one another, then you have to abide by their rules about sex. He said I should not have allowed my wives to choose what days of the week I should dedicate to their sexual needs. He said it was his decision. But I told him that he could only say that because his two wives are not living under his roof.

Bayeju, an Akoko, Ondo State indigene, said he had been living in Lagos for 17 years.

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According to him, he met and married his first wife in Then, a marital indiscretion led him to impregnate a woman, Sex with multiple wives became his second wife in Our family members later settled the issue and I had to bring my second wife into the house. We were living in a mini-flat.

So, I had to rent another apartment, a two-bedroomed flat so that they could get separate rooms.

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