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Overcoming fear of abandonment in relationships

Porn Pics & Movies Overcoming fear of abandonment in relationships.

A fear of abandonment can be like the elephant in the room of a relationship. Its large and looming presence is always there, casting a shadow over your efforts to let in love and connection. You might find it hard to truly trust people and let them in because you believe that they will leave you.

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Like any fear, the fear of abandonment can cause a lot of emotional pain. It also creates a self-fulfilling prophecy pattern in your relationships.

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Building a new relationship, platonic or romantic, requires trust and the ability to let go. Both of these things are very difficult when you have a fear of abandonment.

All the fear and trust issues manifest in specific coping mechanisms that often end up pushing the potential love away—the very thing you were trying to avoid! Many people struggle with a fear of abandonment. Thankfully, there are better ways to deal with the fear, and start cultivating healthier relationships.

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