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Sexy flapper girl costume

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Way before I had ever read about Jay and Daisy, I was a little girl fascinated by flapper culture. I knew about those s rebel-rousers from Saturday morning movies on TV—the grainy ones where nobody talked and the speed of the film seemed unnaturally fast.

Those dark-lipped, gum-chewing gals wore old-fashioned dresses and danced the Charleston at light speed, making their swinging arms and legs impossible for me to mimic. By the time I read The Great Gatsby in high school, my fascination with the era was complete. But this year Sexy flapper girl costume finally did it!

I found my inner Clara Bow and freaked out my husband when he thought I had chopped off all my hair. Check out how I did it below! The more the merrier! You could also use a headscarf or turban for your flapper costume, but I decided on a simple pearl headband.

I spent a few dollars on these supplies and assembled this headband in less than an hour. Then I tied Sexy flapper girl costume ends together.

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I strung the smaller Sexy flapper girl costume with more pearl beads and then tied the ends of it to the longer cord from the previous step. You may want to try on the headband to see where you want the pearl strands to be joined. I clipped the feather to the end of the longer strand of beads and topped it off with a sparkly crescent barrette.

You could also use a brooch, or forego the bling. An authentic flapper dress would reveal knees and maybe even a portion of the thigh. So I began searching for a simple black dress and bought some fringe to add some flapper flare to it. Find a black Sexy flapper girl costume suitable for stitching on fringe. Look for something loose fitting like a shift or drop-waist style for a period-specific shape. Woven material is better for stitching on the fringe, though I ended up using a knit dress and it worked out just fine.

I cut off length from this dress so that it covered my tush, but would allow the fringe to move about below the dress hem. Why did I leave scrap? Because I was working with a knit dress, I slightly stretched the material as I stitched, which meant I used more fringe than it looked like I would when pinning it.

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The dress took me about an hour from beginning to end, and I will warn you— fringe is rather expensive by the yard at Joann, and I used 7 yards! So you may want to buy it for less here on Amazonuse a store coupon, or else just do rows of fringe at the bottom of the dress, instead of all over. Keep them long, thin and straight.

Use very dark eyeshadow and smoky eyeliner above and below your eyes to give them the soft, romantic look of the day. Skip the bronzer and go for a light, powdery finish on your face with a pinky blush right at Sexy flapper girl costume apples of your cheeks.

Cover your lips with foundation to disguise their natural shape. Fill in the lips with the pencil then cover with lipstick and set with powder. Louise Brooks, the quintessential flapper, had a sleek, straight bob with short blunt bangs, while other flappers had chin-length frizzy curls, or finger waves set close to the face, or even long Sexy flapper girl costume pinned around the base of the neck to simulate a bob style.

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My hair is fairly long, but I created a faux bob inspired by Clara Bow. Check out how I did it below. Pull up the top half of your hair into a clip, and braid the bottom half. Wrap the braid in a circle at the base of your head, pinning it into place.

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