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Where to meet wealthy singles

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The Old World was among the first regions in the world to produce pioneers and adventurers. The wave of exploration that took off during the Renaissance not only made way for modern science and technology but also led to political-economic practices like colonialism, which gave many European countries a head-start in world economy.

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Europe is still the continent where budding entrepreneurs and professionals flourish side by side with family businesses and inherited wealth. Here are thus a few cities in Europe which are great destinations for meeting wealthy men. Millionaire Match has many wealthy single men from Europe looking for women to date and marry. London London is one of the major financial power centers of the world besides attracting successful people in the arts, academics and various cultural pursuits.

In fact the city is usually seen as competing with New York City as the most important Where to meet wealthy singles for international finance.

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This implies a high percentage of the population employed in financial Where to meet wealthy singles in London. In London thus you can come upon its successful professionals in its five major business districts: Yet another way of coming across rich single men in London is to frequent the areas where they live and socialize.

These would be the locations with the best demographic profile and the highest residential property prices like Mayfair, Chelsea, Kensington Gardens, Grosvenor Square, Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Covent Garden and Notting Hill. But then again not everybody in London has to work nine-to-five for a Where to meet wealthy singles — this is a city that is home to nobility and the aristocracy and thus abounds with clubs where only the richest and the aristocratic are members.

Apart from being a financial and business center, London has always had the reputation of a cultural hotspot as well. Being the seat of British royalty, London also hosts many cultural events with an adequate sprinkling of dukes, earls, knights or their young wards which can also help you rub shoulders with male, inherited title-holders.

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Skip to main content. You are here Home. Vienna Vienna is widely considered to be one of the richest cities of Europe. It has not only one of the highest per capita GDP in Europe but is in fact almost evenly distributed among the population which makes it even easier to Where to meet wealthy singles single and successful men.

Bankers, wealth managers, insurance providers and investment consultants are here not only to offer advice to the super-wealthy of the city to but to make a pretty handsome packet themselves. Vienna is home to several high-profile multinational companies and international organizations like the OPEC besides having Vienna has the largest number of UN offices after New York, Hague and Geneva.

All these factors provide Vienna with a large well-to-do expatriate population comprising of diplomats, lobbyists, economists, scientists, interpreters and related professionals. One of the best ways to come across them is to frequent convention centers and business hotels where most of the international conferences take place. Here people come not only to get their daily shot of caffeine, but also to relax, read a newspaper and partake various types of confectionaries.

These are good places to meet successful artists and intellectuals as well as businessmen closing lucrative deals.

Vienna is one of Where to meet wealthy singles few remaining cities to take pride in its tradition of balls the best known balls in Vienna are usually the haunt Where to meet wealthy singles the rich and beautiful of the city even though many from the upper middle class can expect to attend quite a few balls in their lifetime. Finally the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the oldest and busiest in the continent.

All these factors indicate the presence of a large concentration of finance professionals in the city including bankers, investment consultants, hedge fund managers, CPAs and others. The people can be found chilling out upscale bars of the Westend District or frequenting informal business places at the Bankenviertel — the premier financial district of the city Ostend District. Trade fairs and conventions Where to meet wealthy singles another useful way to run into successful businessmen and rising entrepreneurs and among the best known ones that Frankfurt hosts are the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung which is a motor show, the Frankfurter Buchmesse or book fair, the Ambiente believed to be the world's largest consumer goods fair, the Achema one of the world's largest plant engineering fair besides several others like Paperworld, Christmasworld, Beautyworld, Tendence Lifestyle.

Guests with a bent for the classical in music usually head for the Oper Frankfurt which hosts performances by world-renowned operas and ballets while those with a weakness for fine dining can be found to flock at addresses like The Where to meet wealthy singles and The Orion.


However despite its size, the state is one of the most economically advanced in the world; in fact according to the IMF, Luxembourg enjoys the highest nominal per capita GDP globally and thus figures as a great place to meet wealthy men.

Thus when looking for socializing opportunities in Luxembourg keep a lookout for bankers, investment consultants, insurers, hedge fund managers and other professionals of the countries lucrative finance sector. Being a high-income economy and attracting wealthy businessmen from across the world, it is no surprise that Luxembourg is home to some of the most luxurious private clubs and hotels like Secret Garden Club, Hotel Bel Air and the Hotel Albert Premier Ardennes where wealthy singles can be found chilling out in the lap of nature or taking part in adventure sports Milan Apart from being the center of the second largest and second-most populous metropolitan area in Italy, Milan is reputed as one of the most cosmopolitan and expensive cities Where to meet wealthy singles the planet.

It is famous as a hub of fashion, arts, culture as much as Where to meet wealthy singles finance and sports in this part of the world. In fact in Milan was ranked as the tenth best place in Europe for business and finance, according the survey European Cities Monitor and conducted by real estate services company Cushman Wakefield1.

The city is the seat of the Italian Stock Exchange also known as the Borsa Italiana and its hinterland is the largest Where to meet wealthy singles area in Italy. So if you are keen to meet the really rich guys of Milan, get to know the movers and shakers of the finance and industrial sector who can be found frequenting the upscale cafes and bars in downtown Milano - the business hub of the city — or perhaps FieraMilano, which is believed to be among the largest trade fair complexes in the world.

So if you want to meet the rich and fashionable of the world who fly down to Milan to shop, it would be a good idea to explore Milan's main upscale fashion district is the quadrilatero della moda which literally means the "fashion quadrilateral". Here you can find the super rich of Milan as well as the international jet-setters, nibbling on an aperitivo buffet, campari in hand and dining on creative fusion cuisine.

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Zurich Switzerland is well known one of the richest countries in the world by per capita gross domestic product. One of the most important segments of the Swiss economy is finance and this is the source of the wealth of the richest guys in Zurich. The strong Swiss currency together with stable political conditions and a long tradition of banking secrecy has made this sector one of the most profitable in the country.

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Thus when looking for singles in Zurich, it would help to keep a eye for bankers, hedge fund managers, insurers, investment advisors and other kinds of finance executives. Thus you need to watch out for the budding businessmen or the high-paid executive who not only makes millions in a year but takes immense pride in his work as well. Another great way of coming across wealthy men here Where to meet wealthy singles be to head to the skiing resorts like St Moritz, Zermatt and Davos which are the hangouts of the rich and famous.

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Petersburg Known by various names through history, St Petersburg remains one of the most important political, economic and cultural centers of Russia and thus of a significant part of Europe. A few good places to run into these people are bars and restaurants in the main financial and business district of the city where they are likely to have their Where to meet wealthy singles or places of business like banks, convention centers and industrial conferences where the captains of industry are likely to come together.

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