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Social media predators

xXx Videos Social media predators.

Kids can easily encounter predators online; and predators know the places kids hang out online and how to develop online relationships with them.

In this section, we cover the patterns typical of online predators, the likely places where kids can encounter them, how you can minimize the risks of your child becoming a victim, and how to respond if you sense that Social media predators child is being targeted by an online predator.

Overview Chances are that your child will never be the victim of an online predator.

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However, that doesn't mean that you or your kids should be naive. You and your kids need to be smart about the reality today. We live in a networked, social world. Therefore the "places" where kids can encounter strangers online is becoming increasingly complex.

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Online services and technologies are often "faceless". It's this online "anonymity" that makes technology an attractive vehicle for predators. It can be easy for kids to build relationships and develop Social media predators with those they talk with online. They will use that anonymity to pretend to be something or someone that they aren't just to develop relationships with kids.

Patterns of Online Predators

Hopefully you've already talked with your kids Social media predators the dangers of strangers. However, no matter how much you think you've talked about the topic of strangers and predators with your kids, the reality is that kids are oftentimes naive and can be duped by bad people who use social engineering tricks.

As part of your parenting toolkit, you need to know how online predators work, the places where kids can potentially meet strangers online, and what to do if you feel that your child is being targeted.

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Online predators tend to follow certain behavioral patterns to find kids. As parents, you need to know some of these tendencies. In general, online predators will tend to:.

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There are some "places" in the digital world where kids are more Social media predators to come into contact with strangers and predators. The online services parents need to be most careful with are chat rooms, message boards and forums, social networking sites, instant messaging, and email.

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These aren't the only services, however. Mobile phone and computer apps and games have multiplayer capabilities over the Internet.

What Behavior Puts Kids at...

It's easy and common for kids to invite a complete stranger to be an opponent or on the same team with them. Networked apps and games oftentimes have chat rooms and other features that predators could use.

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Therefore, don't assume that the seemingly innocent game that you allow your child to play isn't also capable of connecting your kids to complete Social media predators. There are a number of proactive steps to take with your kids. We suggest you think about the following in your family:.

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Kids should have the right smarts when it comes to avoiding predators and strangers online. Here are some general tips that all kids should know:. Thinking that your child is being targeted by a predator can be absolutely terrifying.

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However, there are recommended steps to take if you feel that this is, in fact, the case:. A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety: Microsoft's Family Safety Center: Strangers and Predators Online In Brief Social media predators can easily encounter predators online; and predators know the places kids hang out online and how to develop online relationships with them.

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Here are some interesting facts about online sexual predators: Approximately 95 percent of all Americans between 12 and Teens, Social Media, and Privacy. According to the New England Journal of Public Policy, contact with online predators happens mostly in chat rooms, on social media, or in the.

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