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Facial muscles migraine

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Migraines occur more often in Facial muscles migraine than men. A migraine episode can last hours, days, or weeks, leaving the sufferer virtually disabled for that time. A migraine attack can be induced by various triggers, including bright light, certain food items, Facial muscles migraine alcohol. Uncontrollable triggers include changes in the weather and menstrual cycles.

Migraine can be caused by psychological factors, although stress and depression can also result as a consequence of the debilitating and chronic pain. The headaches tend to start between the ages of 10 and 46, and normally have some genetic components. The genetic factors are due to skeletal imbalance problems that are passed on from generation to generation.

Migraine Headache Diagnosis — Treatment

It is these skeletal imbalance problems that must be diagnosed and treated in order to Facial muscles migraine the chronic pain. Migraine headache may be diagnosed by your family doctor based on your symptoms.

Your doctor will take a detailed history to make sure that your headaches are not due to sinus inflammation, or a more serious underlying brain disorder.

During the physical exam, your doctor will probably not find anything wrong with you. Your doctor may refer you to a neurologist and possibly order an MRI or CT scan to rule out other causes of headache, such as sinus inflammation or a brain mass.

In the case of a complicated migraine, an EEG may be needed to exclude seizures. Rarely, Facial muscles migraine lumbar puncture spinal tap might be performed.

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Stroke is an extremely rare complication from severe migraines. This risk may be due to prolonged narrowing of the blood vessels, limiting blood flow to parts of the brain for an extended period of time.

All treatments for migraine have the same goals in common: None of these drugs have been shown Facial muscles migraine have any significant ability to control migraine pain long-term and none of them are able to properly treat or reduce the actual cause of the migraine. Significantly, long-term use of popular medications can cause the sufferer more pain and worsening symptoms.

So, how do you find the correct diagnosis and the proper treatment for your migraine problem? The explanation for your migraine problems follows. Most migraine sufferers go from doctor to doctor looking for Facial muscles migraine definitive treatment that will permanently resolve their pain. Each new physician, or therapist, claims expertise in pain management and proceeds to treat it accordingly.

Many doctors unfortunately do not coordinate their treatment efforts for the best care possible. Based on our experiences in our clinic, a good number of practitioners fail to recognize and therefore fail to address the most critical problem: Most common headaches start out as simple muscle tension problems. Remember that bad day at work?

For a majority of us, a couple of Advils take away that sporadic problem. Unfortunately, for the migraine sufferer the Advils stopped working a long time ago.

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The reason is simple: This problem is either the result of genetics or long-term wear and tear. The patient who had orthodontics braces because they were born with crooked teeth has the same possible jaw joint damage that a person Facial muscles migraine wears down their jaw joints due to constant clenching and grinding.

The common denominator is that the migraine patients, regardless of the underlying cause, has some abnormal muscle function and usually extensive Facial muscles migraine to the jaw joint that has been improperly misdiagnosed. These two problems lead to worsening muscle function and blood flow alteration. Sadly, a sizeable number of these inadequately diagnosed patients are recommended to use popular pain medications, which do nothing to address the root causes of pain. Research has well established the association between intense chronic muscle contraction and chronic headaches.

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When the muscles become overused, pain begins to develop. The bulk of this dysfunctional muscular activity starts to eventually damage the joint.

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When the joint becomes damaged, the muscles try to protect it by splinting themselves into Facial muscles migraine more activity. An endless cycle ensues… pain worsens. Research has now shown that the jaw muscles of a migraine patient are in a constant state of tension or contraction. Other factors begin to develop as a result, which can cause the nervous system to become unbalanced. The sympathetic nervous system subsequently begins to overwork itself. Increased input to the muscles from the sympathetic nervous system increases the tension and contraction of the muscles.

Headache and facial pain are...

Eventually the facial muscles begin to cramp. The intense and debilitating pain from the cramping can cause nausea, sensitivity to light, and all Facial muscles migraine the other symptoms of the common migraine.

Understandably… the near Facial muscles migraine tension becomes, and is perceived as, stressful. At night, the stress can continue. During sleep even the slightest touching of the teeth requires contraction of the temporalis and masseter muscles. As a basic rule of Mother Nature, your teeth should never be touching!

Allowing the teeth to touch requires contraction of the temporalis and masseter muscles. Continual contraction of the closing muscles creates a dysfunctional state, which may not be painful until later in life. Please remember that the migraine patient also normally has a genetic problem of jaw imbalance that they inherited from a parent. The jaw imbalance causes faster and more rapid wear and tear of the joint, especially when coupled with abnormal muscle activity.

The migraineur just simply does not realize it! Remember, the nervous system has 3 parts: The sympathetic nervous system begins to overwork itself in patients with abnormal muscle function. Increased input to the muscles from the sympathetic nervous system further increases the tension and contraction of the muscles. For more information about nervous system function: Understandably… the near constant tension is perceived as stressful in some patients.

However, in a Facial muscles migraine of migraineurs the muscle spasms have become so chronic that the patient does not know that they are happening. If the sufferer has a genetic component of jaw imbalance problems, then the body senses this inherent dysfunction as damage to the body and tries to protect it by sending even more muscles into spasms.

The muscle function is not readily diagnosed or observed by a majority of doctors. People with chronic pain feel as though their bodies are burning up.